4 Reasons I Hate Shopping for Clothes

I finally dragged myself out into a couple of retail outlets to shop for summer shirts, and I found myself quickly reminded why I hate shopping for clothes. The reasons are numerous, but here are some of the ones that tumbled out of my head without me thinking about it too hard.

#1: Everything is made of polyester

I thumbed through three rack lengths of medium sized short sleeved shirts. Almost all were made of rayon or polyester. I put my hand on one fully cotton item, but that turned out to be a dress.

All I could think of was: Some of us don’t wear summer shirts to the office, ya know! I want to be able to walk around the great outdoors without instantly sweating when the humidity goes above 50%, which, in the summer, is nearly every day. And when you sweat in polyester, you smell no matter that you’ve showered, shaved, and used deoderant.

And there are very few cotton blends! When every single item is largely or entirely polyester, my selection options became infintesimal because I refuse to buy polyester in summer. If I could get away with it, I would never buy any clothing item with any amount of polyester or even rayon in it.

Now if only I could get sock manufacturers on board.

#2: Everything is made in China

Or India. Or Pakistan. Or… You choose the country. By and large, American clothing is made in China, and that is just so wrong! How many Americans are not finding jobs because the manufacturing is on the other side of the world?

It’s cheap because it’s made on the other side of the world for appallingly low wages with cheap materials. Stuff can be trendy because you’re not spending a lot so it can afford to wear out cuz you’re just gonna buy more.

And the cycle of life continues. But imagine if you could buy a classic shirt made well that cost more but would last longer. I would love it if we had the options to do both, and not just from designer labels.

America, I want to buy your stuff!

#3: Undressing and Dressing

Right now, this is not too bad. I made sure I wore a skirt, a short sleeve top, and my Chacos. Easy off, easy on. I might have to dress to go back out and look for more clothes, but at least it’s quicker and easier.

In winter? Clothing shopping is downright hassle! I am not about to leave my coat in the car, so it comes with me. Sometimes, I wear layers. And sneakers whose laces I have to double tie because they are constantly coming undone.

Going shopping in winter is like the movie Groundhog Day: you dress yourself so many times it’s like you forget where you even started. What was I doing again? Oh, yeah. Shopping. For clothes. Bleh.

#4: You have to shop regularly

Because of the cheap nature of many clothes, you’re not going to get long term use out of it. You might get a couple of years out of it, unless your like me who clings to clothing until they start to shred. Only the possibility of coming across like I have not enough money to buy a new T-shirt do I cave and dare to go out shopping again.

But I really really really really really really really try to put it off as long as possible. Which is where I was today. And still am because, instead of summer shirts, I bought two boxes, a notepad, and Turkish delight which, turned out, not to be as such.

And don’t even get me started on the hell that is shoe shopping. I have gotten to the point where I only care about my outfit from the ankles up, but that’s a whole other story.



43 Things I Am Thankful For

On this Thanksgiving day, I wanted to reflect on the positive things in my life. I feel it’s important to spell these things out because it can be easy to take one’s blessings for granted. I chose 43 things not because I felt I should have at least as many things to be grateful for as the number of years I have spent on this planet. They are in the order they popped into my head and not necessarily in order of importance.

43 Things I Am Thankful For

  1. The gift of Life
  2. My decision to move back home to be near my parents
  3. Living in a warmer climate after 24 frigid winters in Massachusetts
  4. Spending a lot of time with my Dad before he passed away last year
  5. Becoming closer to my mom than ever before
  6. My devoted, selfless, loving husband
  7. My sisters, brother-in-laws, niece and nephews
  8. The 18 years I got to spend with my cat, Hunter, who passed away October 16th
  9. My kitties Gwenny and Normie, their crazy antics, and their adorable vocalizations
  10. A safe and secure roof over my head
  11. Plenty of good food to eat
  12. The ability to pay my bills
  13. Never having been physically or sexually assaulted
  14. Growing up in a relatively safe and peaceful town
  15. My poor health, which motivated me to finally start taking care of myself
  16. Finally learning to love working out and lifting weights at the gym
  17. The ability and opportunity to attend college and grad school
  18. My sense of humor and personality, which people seem to enjoy (for the most part :D)
  19. Physically living closer to my family
  20. The encouragement and support of my friends and family who believe in me
  21. That I learned to love reading
  22. Social media that allows me to keep in touch with friends and family far and wide
  23. Easy travel access to New York City
  24. The ability to eat, sleep, walk, dress, and wash myself without assistance
  25. GPS/Phone capabilities that give me directions whenever I need them
  26. Learning to drive and getting my driver’s license
  27. Learning to live without a TV and cable
  28. Online streaming of the few shows I want to watch
  29. The staff at Bregman Veterinary Group for all the care they gave Hunter in the last year of his life
  30. My former vet who let me pick his ear about Hunter’s medical care near the end of Hunter’s life
  31. My EMDR therapists who helped me through some rough situations
  32. The ability to see and talk to friends long distance via Facetime
  33. Volunteering with kitties in need of forever homes
  34. My daily meditation routine that transformed my life
  35. That I can afford the medication I need in order to function as a person with fibromyalgia
  36. The friendly, supportive staff at the LA Fitness gym in Lake Success, NY where I work out
  37. Spending holidays with my family
  38. A home that is an oasis from the world
  39. The privileges that have allowed me a better life than other people and better treatment from other people
  40. Access to great dental care by a funny, talented, and singing dentist whose office staff puts me at ease
  41. Warm socks
  42. A cup of hot tea on a cold day
  43. The year 2014 that brought me writing, blogging, and more writing

I hope you’ve been inspired by my list. Go ahead! Write yours out, too.