Exploring NYC: Queens Botanical Garden

After picking up friend at Port Authority, we dropped her stuff off at my home before driving to explore the Queens Botanical Garden in Flushing, NY.

I loved the tree-themed entrance and the  shadow that it casts upon you as you enter.

2015-08-13 14.49.46

Immediately thereafter, a recessed stone fountain pours water under a footbridge comprised of recycled plastics.

2015-08-13 14.52.11 2015-08-13 14.52.17

The creek goes around a bend and runs adjacent to the visitor and administrative building, continuing underneath the footbridge to the entrance of the gift shop.

2015-08-13 14.55.57 2015-08-13 14.56.09

Behind the visitor and administrative building are the herb garden and the wedding garden. We saw a lot of the usual plants: varieties of sages and lilies, white and purple echinacea, lavendar and thyme, et. al.

2015-08-13 15.02.48

I adored this statue in the herb garden. We saw a few different sizes of lizards slithering around, eyeing us with caution. A yellow finch flew by us, as did a monarch butterfly and two moths that had similar coloring.

2015-08-13 15.10.51

The wedding garden was closed, but I here is the entrance. I assume that it really is only open to wedding so that it looks in the best possible condition for the honored guests.

2015-08-13 15.26.16

From there, we walked by the bee garden. The closest bee house had the most bees. Our presence didn’t seem to bother them at all. They left us alone.

2015-08-13 15.28.54

Across from the bee garden was a rose garden, but most of the roses were dead or dying. Even though the heat was only 82 degrees, the hot sun was brutal.

In the wetlands garden, we came upon another bubbling fountain adjacent to a tiny footbridge. One of the most interesting flowers I saw is called the magic lily (yes, that’s it’s name). Four flowers grow at the end of tall stalks with long, thin petals that glow translucent pinky purple. In the shaded, mulch-strewn path under thick, tall trees, the sunlight made them shine almost too brightly.

2015-08-13 15.37.11 2015-08-13 15.38.33

As we came back around to the beginning of the gardens, we came across this striped daisy-like flower and many full bloom hibiscus. The sign next to the daisy flower said mint, but I think it meant the plant under the sign.

2015-08-13 15.43.53 2015-08-13 15.45.01

For a $4 entrance fee for adults, you can’t beat walking around a botanical garden, even if it is on the small side.