Today’s Top 7 Done List

One way to adopt a positive mindset is to end each day by making a list of all the things you managed to accomplish that day. Once your brain is faced with the raw facts that you did not waste the day, you get into a right cheery old mood. Do this every night and your mind learns how to think in positive terms even during the day. My top 4 on the Done list include:

  1. Obtained 2 tickets on pre-sale to see Eddie Izzard at the Beacon Theater in NYC on May 14, 2014 for his Force Majeure tour.
  2. Completed turning my 156-page story into a lean 22-page outline.
    • Next steps: group my lists into scenes that I can shuffle and/or cut from.
  3. Read through 138-pages of an amazing 500 page HTML+CSS visual textbook. I have already learned some basic HTML+CSS, so this is for review and continued learning.
    • Next steps: Complete the HTML section.
  4. Survived 3 hours at the Starbucks After-School Program with headphones.
    • Next steps: Visit a list of NYC coffeehouses tomorrow until Mark can meet me for a birthday dinner.
  5. Participated in an interactive online webinar about how to edit a story. Ordered an editing book so I can get a 20-minute free consult from The Book Doctors. That’s gotta be dead useful.
    • Next steps: Wait for book to arrive so I can apply their advice to my story.
  6. Listened to my friend Jack’s incredible Goth Industrial radio program on WKFU for only 1/2 hr. out of 2hrs. because of webinar.
    • Next steps: Look forward until next week when I can listen to his program for 2 hours.
  7. Completed this my 26th daily post so I can keep my promise to myself to blog every day.
    • Next steps: Go to sleep. Wake up tomorrow. Blog all over again.

Tonight, I have a list. Tomorrow, I have a plan. Tune in tomorrow to find out!