Harder Than Week 1? Week 2

A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

Thomas Mann — German novelist, short story writer, social critic, philanthropist,
essayist and 1929 Nobel laureate.

Last week, I made multiple posts about following author Chuck Wendig‘s Zero-Fuckery 350 Word a Day Writing Plan. I even went so far as to write over 1,000 words on Saturday before a writing critique, even though Wendig’s plan includes weekends of no writing.

In week 1, I just sat at my computer and wrote. Or I read a writing-related magazine. I eschewed morning Facebook over breakfast. By Saturday, I had written over 4,500 words, a new record for this fledgling and aspiring writer. That’s some feat (for me).

Week 2? Way harder than week 1! I read Facebook and news over writing rags. I procrastinated until day’s end to write. I felt a block holding me back, as if I were dreading something. But what? How can a writer dread writing? Just doesn’t make sense.

But I refuse to give this up. I have only not followed the plan until I haven’t written enough words, and this blog post surely counts for something. I am making the 350 word daily minimum apply to my stories. It can be 350 in any one story or among stories. Makes no difference. I am making progress either way.

The rest of the week remains challenging: tomorrow I prep for a Thursday through Sunday trip. I intend to keep up my morning meditation, my morning writing, my blog posting, and my story writing all through the weekend. With time and people constraints, I will have zero fuckery parameters to hone my writing craft in the midst of chaos.

I spend so much time not getting down to writing business. I wonder what kind of accomplishments I can make if I can get down to business with less fuckery, less Facebook and news site time wasting, and more story writing and editing. I remain committed to the process. I know where it will take me.

Home. Forever returning home.


Weekly Writing Update

Following Chuck Wendig’s 350 words a day writing plan has worked well for me this week. I was able to complete my short story at 6,790 words with 175 words. The remaining 175 words and then some went into my self-help/creative inspiration novel.

Tomorrow I am heading into NYC a couple of hours before my writing critique group so I can get more writing done. I have an outline to rework some in my romance novel that, once I have done, means I can begin to work on my second draft. In 2014, my goal is to edit my romance novel. But I chucked a lot and integrated the rest into the outline. I am excited to begin working on that.

Next week: I hope to start editing my short story and begin writing on my novel. This is an exciting time, and I have never been happier. I have to say that I could not do any of this without the unconditional support that my husband gives to me. Thank you to my lovey!

Establishing Good Writing Habits

Chuck Wendig’s Zero Fuckery 350 Words a Day Writing Plan continues to have a huge impact on my life. Today is day 4 of my following this new plan. The goal is to write 350 words, five days a week. Each day this week, I have exceeded my goal. I wrote 1,402 words today, bringing my total thus far this week up to 3,410 words of a 6,6512 short story. Word count goal for this story is between 6K and 10K words. At this rate, the word count will reach 7K, which seems about right.

After I finish my short story this week, I can send out to friends for commentary. I am sharing this story with my NYC Nano Writer’s Critique group on June 14th. I cannot wait to hear what people think and, especially, what they think I can do to improve the story.

In the meantime, I will be able to return to the novel I wanted to write this year and start doing just that. With the successes I have achieved this week, I feel like my biggest one is to have a simple plan that I can follow each day. If all I need is 350 and 350 is all I can do, then that’s what it will be. But I have a feeling that, more often than not, I will experience what I have this experienced this week: frequently finding that not only can I reach 350, but that I have a hell of a lot more inside of me to add.

Yes, life is good. Life is finally, finally good!

Rollin’ On: Day 3 of 350 Word Writing Plan

I worried a bit when it was after 4:30pm. I had not yet begun to write, and I have phone plans with friends tonight. I would have been happy with 350 words. I ended up with 708 words that brought one of my scenes to a close.

That brings my 3 day, zero fuckery 350 words a day writing plan, word total to 2,008 words written in three days. My minimum required words for 3 days is 1,050, which means that I am almost double over my self-required minimum daily words to write.

Even better? I wrote 2,008 words out of a 5,213 word story in three days. My goal is to write somewhere between 6K-10K words so that I have enough to get my writing workshopped by my critique group.

Huzzah! There’s nothing like getting your writing life on track. Now if I can get my health on track, too, that would be like winning the lottery.

Schedule Test: 350 Word Writing Plan

A friend shared a link to a blog article by Chuck Wendig about how to become a full-time writer. Wendig also links to his article on his Zero Fuckery Writing Plan. In short, set a 350 word writing minimum five days a week and stick to it, whether it takes you fifteen minutes or two hours. In one year, you will have written a 91,000 word novel.

The last two weeks were a waste because I was sick. When I am sick is the hardest time to get me to be productive. Between that and other excuses, I did not write. This week, I decided to put this plan in motion.

Instead of 350 words, I wrote 500. Today, I wrote 800. I am not trying to push myself. I am merely trying to get to 350, and then seeing if I have anything else to say. I imposed a two-hour writing block within which to get it done, and I still wrote 800 words.

My goals for 2014 include get healthy and write a book that is ready for publishing status. So far, Wendig’s plan is helping me out in that arena. And I haven’t even started on my novel. The words I wrote this week are for a short story that I am going to submit for critique in my writer’s group. Once this is done, I will get to work on my novel.

Nothing makes you feel accomplished like setting a goal and meeting that goal.