Near and Dear: Courageous Cats of Valley Stream

When I lived in Boston, I volunteered every week with my friend Alicia. On Sunday mornings, we would take care of and play with cats and kittens for a couple of hours.  After moving to NY, I knew I had to continue with volunteer work helping animals.

In NY, pet stores like PetCo and PetSmart sponsor feline animal rescue organizations. I happened to drive by a new PetSmart that was opening up in New Hyde Park. After they opened, I asked for the contact information for the rescue group, Courageous Cats.

Every Monday night since December 23rd, I have been going in for a couple of hours to clean cages, wash dishes, and feed and play with the cats. I even received a year-end thank you gift from Maria who runs the rescue group. Now that’s graciousness.

Today I was feeling a bit adrift and having trouble staying focused on what needed to get done. After a couple of hours with the cats, I felt a renewed sense of happiness and focus. Getting lost in the joy of caring for animals reminds me that my purpose in life isn’t about me; it’s about what I can do for those around me, humans and animals.