A Brief Trip to Montauk, NY

I have been itching to go on a vacation, but I would settle for a day at the beach. Turns out that Wednesday and today were the best days of the week. My sister M and her family were there for a family vacation, and I thought it might be fun to go out there for an overnight. Went online, found a place on discount, and booked a room with two double beds to share with my Mom.

We stopped first at The Big Duck in Flanders, NY before stopping at The Hampton Maid for breakfast to pause  before making the rest of the trip. After checking in, we settled at the hotel. In the room was an oil painting with a cat. I knew then that we’d come to the right place.

After unpacking, we took a short walk to the beach, but a passing storm made waves over three feet. We walked a bit into town, but it was too hot for my mom. At the hotel, I settled at the pool with a book and my mom rested at the hotel.

For dinner, my sis, Mom, & I went to Gosman’s restaurant for seafood. In years past, my dad and mom loved to get shrimp in a basket from there. We went in tribute. I got the dinner equivalent of fried shrimp, Mom got the seafood platter with fried clam strips, fried shrimp, and friend flounder, and sis got the fluke. After, we shopped at a cute boutique with good prices called Fish City. I scored a dress and a seashell necklace charm. My mother got sandals.

When my mom and I awoke this morning, we both felt like we’d slept hard and yet poorly at the same time. We drove a few blocks into town to have breakfast at Mr. John’s Pancake House. Best pancakes ever! After we finished packing, we took a short drive to the Montauk lighthouse. First, we walked down to the beach by the snack bar. The smell of the sea air, the crashing of the waves on the shore, the sunny and cloudless sky, the cool breeze, and the boats dotting the horizon made it so peaceful. We walked back and forth a bit, collecting interesting rocks. I lay down on a rock and closed my eyes.

Afterwards, I went up 137 stairs to the top of the lighthouse while my mom waited for me to come back down. The stairs were distinct from each other, and I had to look down a bit while getting used to the climb. My left hand held the rope railing, while my right grabbed a step and I leaned inwards. I felt like I was crawling up the lighthouse steps. The views going up to the landing, from up top, and all around the grounds were breathtaking.

We met my sis and her family in Amagansett for snacks at Jack’s Coffee Shop. After saying good-byes, my mom and I walked up and down the street trying to find a place to eat. We saw sis leaving as I tried to call to ask if they wanted to eat lunch with us. Then the five of us walked up and down together to see what we wanted. When nothing called to us, we went to Bostwick’s Chowder House in East Hampton. Best decision ever! Lobster fritters, fish and lobster tacos, fried fish & chips, and arugula salad were had by all. All delicious.

We all said our good-byes. Again. Then me and my mom drove home.

The moral of this story is this: if you’re ever way out east on Long Island, go to Mr. John’s Pancake House in Montauk and Bostwick’s Chowder House in East Hampton for food. You will not be disappointed.



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