The Terrible No-Good Day for Public Interactions

Was Mercury in retrograde in the third house (House of Communication) yesterday? I’m not much into that astrology junk. But when difficulties arise multiple times on the same day for the same day, I start wondering.

Sunday morning, we took my mother to our favorite diner in New Hyde Park for a belated Mother’s Day morning breakfast. This diner serves delicious banana nut pancakes that keep us coming back, despite the fact that they serve us “breakfast syrup” in containers instead of a bottle we can pour. The pancakes do not disappoint.

After getting our meals, the waitress left us alone until we were done. Not once did she come by to ask us if everything was ok, if we needed anything else, or if we wanted more coffee. I had to flag down one of the men who bus the tables in order to get more coffee. We’ve had this waitress before, and I do not like her. She never smiles or seems to be happy to be there, and she only gives us bare minimum service so I gave her bare minimum tip: 15%. Maybe that’s all she cares to make, but it upsets me. I like friendly service, and I am willing to tip handily. My standard is 20% and, if someone makes me happy in the least, I’m likely to tip 25%. I don’t have a problem rewarding those who serve me good food and good service. It ruins my meal because I’m thinking of their poor attitude instead of being happy that I’m there.

Later, my husband and I went to Long Beach for the first beach day of 2015. We parked and then went to booth to pay. Just as we arrived, a group of kids arrived. Since we didn’t have our money out, I let them go while we searched for cash. I asked the booth girl if they had multiple day passes and she told me they only sold day passes. After I got the two tickets, we had to arrange things. Someone else approached the booth girl and asked a question that seemed like the same question I asked. I heard booth girl tell beachgoer to walk 4 blocks and get it there.

After a break in the line appeared, I asked booth girl what she had told the girl to go buy. Using slightly different terms, she told me the answer – that I could buy a 10 visit pass. I felt annoyed. I tried to explain that that is what I had been asking and that when someone asks if you have multi-visit passes, you tell them where to buy them, not that you just don’t sell them at your location.

Booth girl looks at me like I have two heads. I realize I am starting to raise my voice and other beachgoers are looking at me. Booth girl does not apologize. She just looks at me like I have two heads. I asked my husband, “Am I an alien speaking a foreign language?” I debated asking for a refund and going to buy the pass. Hubby deferred to me. Feeling unsure of what to do, I decided to just go ahead, and have them stamp the two passes I bought so we can get to the beach.

The day is hot and, surprisingly, the ocean water isn’t too cold. The weather isn’t hot enough for me to want to spend a lot of time in the ocean, but it’s just nice to be sitting around. We read and eat watermelon while people frolic in the water as waves crash on the shore. When we leave, booth girl is still there. I purposely don’t look at her, as I just want to go go home and get us to our favorite watering hole. I feel emotional, and I just want to go where I can depend on the people.

We drop our beach stuff at the house, feed kitties, and walk to our bar. I am excited to eat their signature nachos that contain roasted corn, roasted brussel sprouts, and chicken, all covered in yummy cheese. We also ordered the raw tuna tacos that also have sliced avocado drizzled with a light, spicy sauce.

The nachos come, but with significantly less food on them than we normally get. One section of the chips is dry with nothing on it. The raw tuna and avocado are thick cut. I eat one of the three, but it’s not like what I’ve had there. Our waitress takes a picture and sends it to the owner who comps the tacos. We decide to try the lobster deviled eggs. We’ve had these before. They are delicious.

When our barkeep brings the eggs out, she tells us that the chef in the kitchen is from their recently-closed restaurant. Although he was trained, the food is just not coming out right. She had to stop him from putting mayo on the lobster and trying to serve it. Instead, we got egg white with huge lumps of lobster on top covered in some kind of sauce. The deviled part of the egg is nowhere to be seen. After one bite, I give up. I let hubby eat the rest. The drinks made by the barkeep more than make up for the food disappointment.

Even though I had people and food challenges, the pancakes, the ocean, and great drinks more than made up for it.


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