Walking and Writing

This afternoon, I went for a walk through my town. The warm weather made my wool coat and scarf seem too thick. I found myself unzipping my jacket as I walked in the sun. I looped around a town garden and took a slight detour to get some money and buy soup for my mother and me before making my way home again. The hour long walk in the first warm spring weather of the season made me thrilled to be alive and to feel the sun’s rays on my skin.

As I walked, I thought a lot about the last six posts I did on how my medical experiences affected and how they affected my religious and spiritual beliefs. I realized that I was writing in my head. This is not new to me, nor is it new to artists. Walking stimulates the imagination and the brain.

I had come across a NYTimes.com blog article about how walking stimulates creativity. The trick for me is how to capture the thoughts that come while I’m out. Today, I sat down to write in my daily writing journal about all the thoughts that spilled out of my head as I walked. I can’t say that it was a perfect capture, but it worked really well.

I have considered recording what’s in my brain as I walk, but I feel that how I think about things and how I speak about them are not the same thing. What sounds intellectual and meaningful inside my head sounds different when I try to articulate it. It’s almost like the part of my brain that thinks language is not the same that tries to speak it. So I either take notes or I come home and write it all down.

I’m wondering if I should start taking walks before I sit down to do any writing. That might help me feel like I have something to write about and get into it more easily. I’m going to give it a try.

After writing the last six posts on my illnesses, I have decided to put them into a memoir about illness and how it has affected my life. I searched in my library’s system for memoirs written by those with illnesses. I came across an interesting memoir by Anita Moorjani called Dying to be Me: My Journey from Cancer, To Near Death, To Healing. I read her memoir through an online borrowing system in a matter of two days. It gave me a good idea of how to write and organize my memoir.

Based on reading Moorjani’s memoir, I can see that I have more to add, including my upbringing, my religious beliefs, and how they all formed and informed me through what I went through with illness. Even if I only write this memoir for myself, I think the writing will help me along my path to eventually getting publishes, which is a dream of mine.

For now, I take walks, think, and write.


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