The Satisfying Ritual of Making the Bed

I had started making my bed in the morning a few weeks ago as part of my new organizing routine. Keeping the house cleaner and more organized than I normally do helps make me happier. I thought I’d give making the bed each morning a try as a way of helping the bed look and stay tidy.

Granted, this past week has been a bit of a bust because of some health issues that made me not want to do a damn thing. However, making the bed first thing in the morning is my new favorite thing. Mainly, I like that making the bed doesn’t take a lot of time. You can do it in about 20 seconds if you yank up the sheets and comforter, quick fluff the pillows, and don’t stare too hard at whether the sheets are the same length on both sides of the bed.

For me, I like the process of pulling back the sheets, smoothing out the fitted sheet and retucking it in, pulling up the flat sheet taut to the top of the bed, fluffing the comforter, peeling back the flat sheet a bit over the top of the comforter, fluffing the pillows into a pretty roundish shape, and then propping up my tiny Boo Boo Kitty doll right in between. Even with all that seemingly extra work, the bed is made in under two minutes. You can end up wasting more than that in the morning reading useless news articles on the computer. I bet you won’t even miss those two minutes. If you’re down to the wire in your morning routine already, then maybe a 20 second bed make is all that you can really do.

Once I’ve made the bed, I feel like the bedroom is in a state of readiness. Ready for what, you ask? Well, it’s ready for Gwennycakes to spread out as the main attraction on the nicely made bed! You can see from the featured image that I tossed Boo Boo Kitty in between the pillows carelessly, so she’s kind of flopped over on her side. It’s ready for a nap. It’s ready to make the room even look more pulled together than it normally does.

The simple act of making the bed makes me feel like I’ve already accomplished something, and I’m not even dressed yet! If you’re a completion junkie like me, it’s an energizing way to start off feeling great in the morning. Whatever you do from there on in, you’ve got that bed-making thing covered (A riff. Thank you, Tyler Durden!). And I don’t know about you, but finding a simple way to immediately put yourself into a good mood after waking up is a gift (after I meditate and do my morning stretches, of course. 😀 )

Then, when I walk in and out of the bedroom during the day, I get a quick hit of happiness at the organized look of the room. Insta-happiness boost! I personally enjoy looking at a nicely decorated room. You may not agree, but I find my bedroom to be inviting and warm. But even an inviting warmth can’t overwrite the little downer I get when I see an unmade bed. It’s not that I notice that it bothers me, but I do notice when it makes me happy. In comparison, making the bed every morning is a no brainer for me.



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