Inspired Til I’m Tired

Have you ever had that great burst of inspiration where you had an idea so great that you spent time to write it all down only to find that you were exhausted when you were done?

Yep, that’s me. Almost every single time.

I get an idea that I would like to see happen, write it down, and, in the process, expend all the energy in that one step. Since I’m all fresh out of steam, I let it sit and promptly forget about it.

What brought this on? I saw a response to a Facebook status that spurred me to comment my real feelings on an issue. This resulted in me having an idea for a book, a very silly little book.

I have had many ideas over the years that I have written down. They sit there, and I get distracted by something. And forget it.


While chatting with a friend tonight, I remembered that I had this silly book inspiration and told her about it. And I remembered that I forgot.

I do have terrible short-term memory, but something else is going on here.

I find the generation of ideas, especially creative ones, to be intensely stimulating. So stimulating, in fact, that my energy level goes through the roof as my mind races through a dozen permutations of how I could go about making this happen. I feel like I have a top for a brain, spinning at its fastest speed as it tries to get everything written down before the inertia sets in.

I literally exhaust myself from the excitement of the new idea generation. And these ideas that I love to think about, create, and develop end up going nowhere.

I am curious if anyone reading this has the same issue. What have you done to break this cycle of mental intensity of idea creation that burns itself out?

I am interested in your experiences, ideas, thoughts, and helpful suggestions!


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