Snowmaggedon 2015! Eeeek!

I have a confession to make: I love a good snowstorm. When I say that, people usually look at me like I’ve grown three heads instantly in front of their eyes. For me, winter isn’t a winter without at least one day of snowfall and with at least one snowfall of 12″ or more.

Looks like I’m in the middle of getting my wish. Normally, the NYC area gets considerably less snow than the Boston area. This time, we’re getting about the same. The National Weather Service blizzard warnings today have estimated between 20″ and 30″ by the time all is said and done by midnight on Wednesday.


I understand that snowfall like this is not everyone’s idea of fun. When snow falls, people work. Essential personnel have to go to work and stay there. They don’t get to stay at home and have a snow day while the rest of us do (and this is one of the reasons that I don’t have those jobs). It can be a hassle and difficult to shovel the snow.

But for someone who doesn’t ski or like spending all day out in the cold, I sure do love winter and snow. I do go for walks in wintertime, though, because I’ll be damned if I spend three months indoors. I love winter and snow and wearing down jackets. I love piling blankets on the bed and snuggling next to my husband to warm up. I love the way fresh snow looks as it sits on the branches, the bushes, and the houses. I love roaring fireplaces and toasted marshmallows and watching a good movie with freshly made popcorn. I love not being too hot to sleep at night.

There is something about the extreme contrast of seasons that I love. I can enjoy winter for the cold and seasonal opportunities and enjoyments that it brings, just like I love the heat and the humidity and biking outdoors and swimming in the ocean. Remember how long it’s been since the last time makes me enjoy the present all the more, whatever the weather.

I’m not really freaking out about the weather, but this guy does a great job of what it feels like other people are doing when you hear the news report about an impending snowstorm. Enjoy!



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