Learning to Love Lemon and Lettuce

As part of my attention to diet in addressing fibromyalgia, I have been paying a lot of attention to my meals. I used to think that breakfast was my easy dish to make and that lunches and dinners would be hard. Now I am finding that what I have actually done is to redefine breakfast.

What do I mean when I say I have redefined breakfast? I mean that I am looking at breakfast as my first meal of the day. Along with the first meal, I have been thinking of lunch as mid-day meal and dinner as evening meal so that I put them all on the same level.  Instead of relying on cereal, pancakes, and bacon and eggs, I have been attempting to ensure that each meal contains a healthy protein, a healthy fat, and healthy carbs.

When I focus on that combination instead of on the mental biases calling a meal breakfast/lunch/dinner, two things happen. One, I find that my breakfast dishes are more interesting because they have more variety. Two, I am eating better overall and getting more vegetables in my diet, especially salad.

Salad as part of breakfast? Yes!

I used to be horrified when I heard that people had steak and eggs for breakfast. To my mind, that was a dinner dish. The thought of eating steak and eggs first thing in the morning made my stomach turn. Recently, I have heated up leftover slices of steak and put the slices over a plate full of lettuce or mesclun mix. The best part of this is that I am getting more salad into my diet without having to designate an entire meal of salad and while eating more interesting meals. Cool!

Speaking about lettuce/salad brings me to another important discovery I have made: squeezing fresh lemon on food makes everything taste delightful! Instead of dressing, I have used only fresh squeezed lemon as a dressing on my greens, put it on my leftover rotisserie chicken, and even on top of steak. Yes, steak!

Lemon brings out the flavor of the meat and vegetables and is a lively taste on the palate. I myself feel brighter and refreshed after eating a meal where I’ve squeezed lemon over everything. Give it a try. Maybe you’ll love it like I do. When I told my mother, she exclaimed, “Giuseppe came back!” Apparently, my father used to squeeze lemon over everything, too, and was just as crazy about it. Hearing that made me happy.

In any event, I urge you: think of your meals as meals, not breakfast/lunch/dinner; stick lettuce under your protein; and squeeze fresh lemon juice over everything!



  1. Fresh lemon juice on food is great! I like it on spaghetti tossed in butter with a sprinkling of fresh ground black pepper 🙂
    A good drink for breakfast is a slice of lemon in a mug then pour on boiling water, instead of coffee or tea.
    My daughter just shouted she’s off to the shop and i asked her to get me a lemon lol. You have reminded me of how much I like it.
    Try it on lamb too!

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