Holiday Adventures

Two days before Christmas, my mother went to my sister’s home Tuesday evening to bring the food and supplies that my mom would cook for Christmas. What did she forget? The homemade pasta she made for the big meal, of course, a colander big enough to drain it all, and one of her medications.

On Christmas Eve, I ran errands and did laundry for our trip on Boxing Day to visit my husband’s family in Massachusetts. I dropped off the pasta, colander, and meds in the pouring rain to my brother-in-law on my way to the gym. I had to skip my weekly call with a colleague to get it all done, but managed to catch my friend’s weekly 80’s radio show, Ritual Noise with DJ Jack Phoenix on WKFU radio. (Wednesday nights, 8pm-10pm, for those who are interested).

On Christmas, my hubby and I drove to my sister’s house that she shares with her husband and son for Christmas feasting. One sister could not make it, but the third brought a dear friend with her. I can’t remember the last time we had a non-family member join us. But I was so glad that he came to visit because he was a nice addition to the mix.

Appetizers included seafood salad, mixed olives, shrimp with homemade cocktail sauce (props to my brother-in-law for making it fresh!), mushroom and spinach quiche, and bread and crackers for dipping in hummus. We ate my mom’s homemade pasta and sauce for the main meal. The salad went untouched because no one had room for it. My hubby and I, my mom, and my sis and her friend went for a long walk while our lovely hosts made the coffee and put out the desserts, including pumpkin pie, fresh fruit tart, lemon panettone, and a plate of chocolate covered cookies and pretzels.

On Boxing Day, we had our usual morning routine before packing and driving to southern MA, stopping for lunch at Camille’s Wood Oven Pizza in Tolland, CT for lunch. Finding this place would never have happened in the days prior to having a GPS app on my phone. What a gem! Even though it’s located as part of a strip mall, the food is high end. I would give it four stars for taste, presentation, and service. I would make this place a regular if I lived nearby.

For dinner, we took my husband’s 92-year-old aunt to her favorite restaurant as part of our Christmas present to her. We visited briefly with her after we took her back home, but I was exhausted from the all-day traveling and we went back to the hotel by 7:30pm.

On Saturday, we drove to our old hometown, Cambridge, MA so that I could get my Veggie Galaxy fix. I ordered their vegan stuffed french toast with berries and whip cream, and hubby ordered the Mass Ave. omelet that includes jalapeños. Yum! We walked from Central Sq. to Harvard Sq., met with a dear friend for an hour, T’d it to Boston to spend 1/2 hour with another dear friend, T’d it back to Harvard Sq. to meet with friends. Walked around Harvard Sq., visiting old haunts, and met up with two more friends at Beat Hotel, a fairly new restaurant that I had not eaten at before. One of my friends wrote a review of the place, if you’re interested. The ladies went to LA Burdick‘s for hot chocolate, and met up with the men at Russell House Tavern, where my husband went to get a drink from a preferred bartender, Fred Yarm.

Yesterday, we spent our lunch with my in-laws and the auntie before heading back to New York. Of course, there was a major traffic accident on I-95 in Connecticut. Honestly, that road is a total nightmare. Four hour trips become five. Three hour trips become four. You can never avoid some kind of delay to add an hour. It’s frustrating. We ate junk and got home later than I’d hoped.

Today was spent sleeping instead of dealing with this migraine that I seem to have. I considered skipping the writing again, but decided against it. This headache is probably from all the coffee I had in the last 4 days that I am now back to not drinking. That’s the only thing I would have changed about the past few days. So that’s better good, all in all.


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