Seeing and Not Seeing

This whole week, I have been immersed in re-reading the Harry Potter series. I swear that JK Rowling is a witch herself who put such a spell on her books through her storytelling that I simply cannot stop reading. I put down my book long enough to eat and brush my teeth, and then I’m back to reading.

On a related and unrelated note, I have a smartphone and frequently look at it. The calendar app also shows up  on my home screen. I can see the first of my all day listings, the first of which has been BLOG POST. I put biweekly all day reminders to myself to write my blog post so that I don’t forget.

What happened? I forgot while reading. Seeing and not seeing. I looked at the words BLOG POST on my phone MULTIPLE times today. Yet, here I am at 9:50pm, about to read another chapter in the last book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, when the words BLOG POST finally penetrated my brain.

Oh, yeah, I said to myself, it’s Thursday.

I knew but didn’t know it was Thursday – the very same Thursday in which I regularly write in my blog. I knew I wrote blog posts, but then how can it not register in the brain?

Have you had this happen to you? Set yourself a reminder but then your brain completely glosses over the reminder as if it were never there?

It’s like hearing but not listening. I think that’s a better way to explain it. The brain just gets so used to hearing or seeing the same pattern that it no longer sees the pattern as being anything other than a kind of mental silence.

Well, at least, I remembered.


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