Song Profile: De/Vision – Your Hands On My Skin

I listen to almost exclusively to electronica. I like and appreciate a lot of different music. But when I need to let loose, the likelihood is that I will thrown on something electronic that I like to sing and dance along. When people ask me what kind of music I like to listen to, I usually tell them, “If it’s electronic and has a beat, then I probably like it.”

Unless you listen to electronic/synthpop/EMB/industrial, then you probably have not heard of one of my favorite bands, De/Vision. They hail from Berlin. A lot of the electronica bands that I like are from Germany. If you like electronica, then you probably have at least one German band that you adore. Like apple pie is associated with America, great electronica bands are from Germany. That’s just how it is. Fear not, though. A lot of German bands sing in English. Most of De/Vision’s songs seem to be in English, but not all of them. If you love the German language, hearing Germans sing will only make you love it even more.

The latest song from De/Vision that I absolutely love is called Your Hands on My SkinI have linked to a YouTube video, although not by the official band simply because I couldn’t find one. A friend of mine made me a mix tape that had this song on it. After several years, I dug out the CD she burned and put it into my mother’s car that I borrow. Poor old 2004 Ford Taurus has no aux jack and so I am stuck with radio, tapes, or CDs. After months of living in NY, I finally dug out some CDs I wanted to listen to while driving to and from Boston last month. This song was on one of the tapes. I haven’t been able to get enough of it.

I love De/Vision’s music for a number of reasons. Your Hands on My Skin grabs me for a number of reasons. It is gentle, electronic, throbbing, melodic, and catchy. I also love Steffen Keth’s sexy tenor voice and the band’s largely thoughtful lyrics.

Rediscovering a song you have heard from is like getting to listen to it anew. The way a song can just grab you by the heart and gut and compel you to keep listening to it and singing it over and over again never ceases to amaze it.

f you listen and are interested in listening to more German electronic bands, you might also want to try listening to And OneBeborn BetonObscenity TrialRotersandSeaboundNeuroticfishMelotronProject PitchforkThe RetrosicE NomineDeine LakaienWolfsheim. These are just some of many great German bands in this genre. I have harder German bands that I listen to, but I will still to those closer to De/Vision for this post.

If you have any additions to this great list that would go, please feel free to add them in a comment! Thank you.


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