Three Ways to Claim Your Personal Power

On my mostly uninformative Facebook News Feed, I came across an article on Elephant Journal, a mindfulness-oriented blog and news site, about how to claim power back from the people who piss you off. Even if no one is pissing you off right at this moment, you can still make changes that will help you go from feeling intimidated to feeling powerful.

Realize You Have Power To Be Claimed

I am reminded of one of Eleanor Roosevelt’s most famous quotes: No one can take advantage of you without your permission. Not just pretty words. (Right, Morticia?).

One reason we may feel intimidated is because we have already decided that the other person holds more power to hurt us than we have to hurt them. Once you think that way, you have already lost.

Take Actions in the Face of Helplessness

I am not talking about situations in which we may have legitimate reasons to fear for our personal safety. Those types of scenarios are justifiably frightening. Even then, you may feel powerless, but still take any and all of the steps that are available to you. You can still act your best to act in your best interest.

Decide The Power Lies Within

When you have give your power away, you think the other person holds all the cards. That is simply not the case. I recently realized that I have been approaching a certain situation in my life from a disadvantaged viewpoint. After reading Ms. Grant’s article in Elephant Journal, I had the thought:

I come from a place of power. 

I thought it. I said it. And best of all, I believed it. And it felt great! In a few short moments, I began to breathe easier, I felt my stomach relax, and the worry I had been feeling cleared from my mind.

Yes, I come from a place of power. So do you. So does everyone. It is only in us thinking that we do not that makes it so.


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