Family + Accidents = Stress! Whee!

The last nine months have brought death and destruction to my family.

No. Seriously.

My third grade teacher and close friend of my parents died in November, my father died in December, and my father’s brother died in July.

The August icing on the accident-cake? Yesterday, I received a call from my mother, shakily telling me that she fell. I was able to get an approximate location, and my hubbie and I went to pick her up. She fell, hurt her arm, received a huge gash above her right brow, got a concussion and knocked herself out, and got extremely nauseous and vomited.

I called an ambulance who gave her a neck brace and tried to lay her down, but she was incredibly nauseous and had to sit up. The ambulance and police were all great, even cracking jokes. One said he hadn’t lost anyone that day. I told him to go lose someone else’s mother. Even my mom laughed.

While mom was taken to the hospital, we popped on by home to pick up her ID and insurance info. We waited outside the trauma unit for about an hour until we could go in and see her. The CAT scan for internal bleeding from the concussion came back negative, and X-rays showed a wrist fracture. She was wheeled into a bed stall in the ER while she waited for a bed.

My sister M went to the hospital at 11am to find that my mother was still in the same spot. A hospital bed never opened up. Machinery beeped all night long, and my mother didn’t get any sleep. My mother wanted to go home, so they discharged her.

Unfortunately, the broken wrist is on her preferred arm, which makes a whole lot of things difficult. Since I’m home, I will be helping my mom with meals, shopping, getting dressed, etc. In fact, anything that involves using your hand. It might get a bit tricky. At the very least, a cleaning lady is going to be involved while Mom recovers; I barely like cleaning my own place!

But it’s all good because this is the reason I wanted to move back home: So I could help my aging parents when they need it the most.

On a positive note, my mother pulled two, 2 lb. tomatoes from the garden just the other day. Here’s a photo of my mom with the meaty toms!

Mom's 2 lb. toms

Mom’s 2 lb. toms


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