Visiting Friends

The last few days, I have been visiting friends in MA. I wish I could get to see everyone each trip, but I’d have to stay here two weeks.

I decided to make this a visiting friends with kids trip. After making a seven (!) hour car ride on Friday, including an hour of stops and an additional two hours of traffic, I made it to the house of The V’s + their ten-month old C.

Saturday we visited a mutual friends’, went for a walk, + had dinner. On Sunday, A + I returned to the shelter where we went for two years, where I got to see staff + volunteers. We went to breakfast at my favorite veggie diner where I saw some of my favorite staff.

I went to Harvard Square & visited Crema, Mint Julep, Boston Bead Company, + Million Year Picnic. Drove to Burlington to have afternoon Sunday dinner with my other friends at E’s childhood home. We spent the night digesting dinner + watching TV, which is a rare treat for me.

Today I went with L + her 11 year old daughter hiking + geocaching in Great Esker Park. We hiked up some huge hills, but the views made it worthwhile.


After I’d gotten my fill of being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we went to a pool for the afternoon. After dinner, we all went for a walk down to the beach + back.


Being back in MA with friends makes me so happy. I had gotten complacent and had fallen into a pattern of not seeing my friends as much. Moving to NY has reminded me that my life is better when I do.


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