Talking to a Wall

One of my father’s favorite things to call people was a “capotosta.” Loosely translated, it means  that someone has a “hard head” and will not listen. Recently, I realized that someone I know might actually be one of these capotostas (and, no, it’s not me). I explained how the conversation  felt to my husband.

The Wall (TW): I have been a wall my whole life. I know what it means to be a wall.
Me: Yes, but they’ve come a long way in construction since you were made.
TW: You can’t fool me! I am a wall, and, therefore, I know more about being a wall than you do.
Me: That may be true. But there have been changes in technologies, materials, and building methods. Surely there must be different kinds of walls being built, don’t you think?
TW: What do you mean “other walls being built”? There is only one thing in the world called a wall. A wall is a wall is a wall.
Me: C’mon, just try a little to open your mind. Do you really think that nothing has changed?
TW: I don’t have a mind. In any case, I am a wall and always will be.
Me: I liked you better when I thought you didn’t talk.

When talking to your favorite capotosta, try to remember that the best thing for you to do is to stop banging your head (or your mind) against that wall. If you want something porous, try a sponge. They’ll soak up just about anything.


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