Writer Roasting

In three days, I will be the center of the first ever group critique of my writing as a non-student adult. My turn to be the subject of the bi-weekly NaNo writers critique group has arrived. 

Even though I know there are problems with the story, I am excited to be the center of such a passionate group of people. What makes the group exciting is that each member brings thoughtful commentary to the writer. I will hear what people like and what people thought could use work, along with a host of suggestions. Emotions run high, and a lot of good-natured teasing occurs.

Calling it negative feedback is so negative! And I have never been a fan of the term ‘constructive criticism’, either. Suggestions for improvements are what motivate me to do better and to continue writing. I easily teeter off the seesaw when negative or annoyed feedback is given. I am working with the help of a new therapist because I cannot demand that others only frame feedback in the way I prefer. 

I am pretty sure that, on Friday night, I will feel as excited as a kid on the night before Christmas. I cannot wait for the roasting… I mean! feedback. 


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