Beautiful Bellerose Village

During my mid-afternoon despairing session, I decided that a post-lunch, post-tummy ache walk on a warm spring day such as this would be a great way to feel better.

The neighboring town, Bellerose Village, starts up the block and around the corner from my house. The streets are lined with elms that tower over the wide streets in a breathtaking green canopy.

2014-05-20 16.50.24

Nearly everyone keeps their lawns green and plants flowers. I discovered a flowering tree that I have never seen before with tiny flowers in cone arrangements that lift off the greened boughs in lovely, lilting spikes.

2014-05-20 16.32.21

Azaleas of all shapes sizes and colors can be found. At the end of Michigan Road, one of the homes showcases a hedge of hot pink azalea.

2014-05-20 16.40.37-1

The slow walk around this compact village with a summer-like breeze amid greenery, distinct homes of various styles, wide streets, and seemingly ancient elms brings me the solitude and rejuvenation that I require.

I would live in Bellerose Village in a heartbeat. In the meanwhile, I can solo dips into nature in this quaint place that I have loved since I was a child.


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