Harder than Writing? Writing When Wiped

Some people are morning people. Others like to stay up until the wee hours of the morning and sleep late in the day. I have yet to come across a definition of people like me: those who like to sleep just slightly later and go to be early.

This isn’t a post about sleeping, morning people, nite owls, and everyone in between, like me. This post is about what happens to people like me who can neither function mentally in the morning or after a long, tiring day.

I don’t care how much I love doing anything. If I am wiped out, then my mind has already gone on a vacation. Maybe it’s because I keep reverting to my poor eating habits. Or because I like a lot of sugar instead of real food. Maybe it’s even because of my fibromyalgia.

All I know is that posting on nights like this, after a full, long day, where I put all my energies into physical activities, I find that I have nothing left to give to my imagination or crafts that I love to do so much.

Read? My eyes swim. Write? I feel like the walking dead going ‘Uhngggg….’ the entire time and flailing my arms about blindly. How did I get through this in the past? I used to force myself through it, all day, all the time.

Know what I learned? That living that way is hell. I almost think I would be better off giving up intellectual pursuits and giving in to my need for physicality. Or if I have a lot of physical activity, then I need to ensure I use my mental faculties before venturing into the outdoors.

Today went like this:

7:30am Alarm
7:45a-8:15a Meditation
8:15a-10:15a Getting ready, House related stuff
10:15a-10:45a Morning Pages
11:00a-12:30a Mounting and testing bike rack and 2 bikes with adjustment bars
12:30p-1:00p Get lock removed from bike
3:00p-5:00p Evaluating phone options at TMobile
5:00p-6:30p Phone Backup and Data Transfer
6:30p-7:30p Dinner/Phone Stuff

At about 7:40p, I sat down to write my blog. I still have my 350 word a day story writing minimum, which I intend to complete tonight. But I would have been much better off having worked on my writing tasks before heading out to do errands.

Stick a fork in me cuz this souffle has fallen!



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