Harder Than Week 1? Week 2

A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.

Thomas Mann — German novelist, short story writer, social critic, philanthropist,
essayist and 1929 Nobel laureate.

Last week, I made multiple posts about following author Chuck Wendig‘s Zero-Fuckery 350 Word a Day Writing Plan. I even went so far as to write over 1,000 words on Saturday before a writing critique, even though Wendig’s plan includes weekends of no writing.

In week 1, I just sat at my computer and wrote. Or I read a writing-related magazine. I eschewed morning Facebook over breakfast. By Saturday, I had written over 4,500 words, a new record for this fledgling and aspiring writer. That’s some feat (for me).

Week 2? Way harder than week 1! I read Facebook and news over writing rags. I procrastinated until day’s end to write. I felt a block holding me back, as if I were dreading something. But what? How can a writer dread writing? Just doesn’t make sense.

But I refuse to give this up. I have only not followed the plan until I haven’t written enough words, and this blog post surely counts for something. I am making the 350 word daily minimum apply to my stories. It can be 350 in any one story or among stories. Makes no difference. I am making progress either way.

The rest of the week remains challenging: tomorrow I prep for a Thursday through Sunday trip. I intend to keep up my morning meditation, my morning writing, my blog posting, and my story writing all through the weekend. With time and people constraints, I will have zero fuckery parameters to hone my writing craft in the midst of chaos.

I spend so much time not getting down to writing business. I wonder what kind of accomplishments I can make if I can get down to business with less fuckery, less Facebook and news site time wasting, and more story writing and editing. I remain committed to the process. I know where it will take me.

Home. Forever returning home.



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