Establishing Good Writing Habits

Chuck Wendig’s Zero Fuckery 350 Words a Day Writing Plan continues to have a huge impact on my life. Today is day 4 of my following this new plan. The goal is to write 350 words, five days a week. Each day this week, I have exceeded my goal. I wrote 1,402 words today, bringing my total thus far this week up to 3,410 words of a 6,6512 short story. Word count goal for this story is between 6K and 10K words. At this rate, the word count will reach 7K, which seems about right.

After I finish my short story this week, I can send out to friends for commentary. I am sharing this story with my NYC Nano Writer’s Critique group on June 14th. I cannot wait to hear what people think and, especially, what they think I can do to improve the story.

In the meantime, I will be able to return to the novel I wanted to write this year and start doing just that. With the successes I have achieved this week, I feel like my biggest one is to have a simple plan that I can follow each day. If all I need is 350 and 350 is all I can do, then that’s what it will be. But I have a feeling that, more often than not, I will experience what I have this experienced this week: frequently finding that not only can I reach 350, but that I have a hell of a lot more inside of me to add.

Yes, life is good. Life is finally, finally good!


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