Rollin’ On: Day 3 of 350 Word Writing Plan

I worried a bit when it was after 4:30pm. I had not yet begun to write, and I have phone plans with friends tonight. I would have been happy with 350 words. I ended up with 708 words that brought one of my scenes to a close.

That brings my 3 day, zero fuckery 350 words a day writing plan, word total to 2,008 words written in three days. My minimum required words for 3 days is 1,050, which means that I am almost double over my self-required minimum daily words to write.

Even better? I wrote 2,008 words out of a 5,213 word story in three days. My goal is to write somewhere between 6K-10K words so that I have enough to get my writing workshopped by my critique group.

Huzzah! There’s nothing like getting your writing life on track. Now if I can get my health on track, too, that would be like winning the lottery.


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