Schedule Test: 350 Word Writing Plan

A friend shared a link to a blog article by Chuck Wendig about how to become a full-time writer. Wendig also links to his article on his Zero Fuckery Writing Plan. In short, set a 350 word writing minimum five days a week and stick to it, whether it takes you fifteen minutes or two hours. In one year, you will have written a 91,000 word novel.

The last two weeks were a waste because I was sick. When I am sick is the hardest time to get me to be productive. Between that and other excuses, I did not write. This week, I decided to put this plan in motion.

Instead of 350 words, I wrote 500. Today, I wrote 800. I am not trying to push myself. I am merely trying to get to 350, and then seeing if I have anything else to say. I imposed a two-hour writing block within which to get it done, and I still wrote 800 words.

My goals for 2014 include get healthy and write a book that is ready for publishing status. So far, Wendig’s plan is helping me out in that arena. And I haven’t even started on my novel. The words I wrote this week are for a short story that I am going to submit for critique in my writer’s group. Once this is done, I will get to work on my novel.

Nothing makes you feel accomplished like setting a goal and meeting that goal.

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