(Trying to) Bike Adventures

Because Long Island is like Los Angeles, you need a car to get to many places. Parks and trails are few and far between. I have a cruiser bike that I love to ride, preferably on paved roads that do not allow cars.

I bought a bike rack and two adjustable bars, one for my bike and one for my husband’s bike. Although I’d received them, we did not have the weather to test putting it all together. Today was a breezy, chilly, sunny, spring day so we decided to give it a try.

We got the bike rack over the spoiler and on the trunk. We were able to put on the adjustable bar that would create a top bar that our step through frames were missing.

However, we could not get the clearance we needed to put my bike on without a nut on the front wheel touching the car. We abandoned that effort, packed up the bike rack and the bars, and went for a four mile bike ride instead.

I wanted to explore some parts of Floral Park that I have not been on by bike, either as an adult or since I moved back to my childhood home.

We took a nice little four-mile route past the library, by Koenig’s, across Jericho Turnpike on Tyson to 87th, onto Bryant until Hillside Boulevard, back across Jericho and onto Covert, until Cisney, Magnolia, back onto Tyson, by the library, and back home.

I tried to embed the map of the trip, but it didn’t work. Here it is, if you’re interested.


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