Writing Lessons

My biggest problem is that I often experience fatigue and/or do not feel well. I find it hard to concentrate, think, and be productive during those times.

Yesterday, I decided I would teach myself a lesson: how to do some work when I am not feeling my best, which is practically every day. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue sabotage me on a daily basis.

You CAN Write When Ill

Even though I wasn’t up for it, I worked on my short story. Consciously, I knew I could do it. I often find it isn’t the conscious will but the subconscious lessons that direct my actions and decisions more often than not. The short story work yesterday was a reinforced reminder to myself that I can work when I feel under the weather.

You Can Write Anywhere

Today’s lessons involves whipping out the laptop wherever you have a seat. This might be a little macabre for some, but I took my laptop with me to the hospital. My mother has had a fever on and off for over a week, and her doctor told her to go the ER.

I worked briefly on my short story, played a number of crossword puzzles on my phone, and read briefly from Bite Me, a book by Christopher Moore. At 7pm, I decided to write about the lessons I am trying to teach myself so I took out my computer again.

And here I am.

something Written Is Better Than nothing Written

Okay. So I might have wanted to work more on my short story than I did today. It’s hard to concentrate on a story in an ER waiting room with your mother sitting right next to you. (If it had been a friend, I still would have felt weird). But I wrote something.

And I’m writing in my blog. When I go home, I won’t have more work waiting for me at home. I am lucky to have internet at the hospital, but even if I did not, Word would have sufficed.

So remember kids: Write something. Write anywhere. Write when under the weather.



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