Magnolia Blooms

I grew up with a magnolia tree outside my front yard. Since I went away to college 25 years ago, the tree has grown to incredible proportion. However, its size is smaller than otherwise would be, due to weather and neighbors who begrudged the petals that fell onto their manicured lawn.

When I moved back home in September, one of my greatest anticipations was to experience the full blooming of the magnolia tree once again. With the warm weather this past week, the blooms began to open and then suddenly popped. I hung out a window and stalked the tree taking photos ahead of today’s coming day-long deluge.

These magnolia blooms are right outside my bedroom window:


Closeup of nearby magnolia blooms:


Skyward magnolia blooms:


Into the center of the tree:


Magnolia blooms above the front door:


I only wish I could send you the scent of magnolia along with these photos. Have a great day!



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