Artist Lesson Learned

No matter what path you choose, lessons present themselves to you all the time if only you take a moment to listen and reflect on what is happening. I learned something today that I have not understood before today, one that is vital to artistic development.

Yesterday, I felt ill. I did not do my morning pages, I did not write in my blog, and I did not progress in either of my two stories that I am working on. After I felt well enough, I decided to do the pages “later”. Later became not at all.

Also this week, I did not do a single writing exercise in The Artist’s Way for week 7. I almost failed at my artist date until I decided to spend my artist date making myself breakfast muffins and a hot pot of decaf coffee.

I thought about how much time each day that I spend on these activities. An hour or more. And I did nothing yesterday for writing work, which only showed me how important doing writing every day and spending a lot of time doing it is critical.

I finally understood how my childhood friend Antoinette could spend hours every day practicing the violin. I extended that to all musicians. Now I understand why they do practice constantly, why it becomes their life.

It becomes their life because they love it and want to do it and because the only way to get any good at it is to spend your time doing it. A lot of your time. I get it now. Call me a late bloomer, but I am glad I understand now. Now is not too late. Now is now.

Today I am getting ready to go into NYC to meet my husband for dinner and then I am going to a publishing seminar. Tomorrow I will spend most of the day at the creativity side of the seminar, get to meet Julia Cameron, and have her sign my book! Huzzah!

I have torn out a few pages in my morning pages book so I can do it tomorrow morning. I will write in my blog about it when I get home tomorrow night, even if it’s a short post. Now I know, I really know, what it is I must do and why.



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