Cardly Creative

Earlier in March, I became excited to make handcrafted greeting cards. This excitement was due to a creative surge I have been experiencing and the lack of custom cards near me. In Cambridge, MA, my husband and I went to Bob Slate Stationer for a lot of our cards.

I admit that my first card to a friend was not as good as I would have liked. I had not yet replenished my supplies and I wanted to ensure that it was received on or before her birthday.

March Card #1:
Birthday Card


The end of March also brought the first wedding anniversary of two friends. I just got word that they received it and loved it.

March Card #2:
Wedding Anniversary Card

Michael+Linsey Front Card

Front of Wedding Anniversary Card

Wedding Anniversary Inside Card

Wedding Anniversary Inside Card

In both cases, I wanted to wait until the recipients received the gifts to write about it. It would not have been much of a surprise if they read about their cards here first.

When you haven’t participated in a hobby in a while, it takes a while to get up to speed. You have to relearn when to use glues, how to make proper cuts, and how to use handwriting effectively. I’m tempted to find a calligraphy course so I can take my handmade cards up a notch.


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