Week 4 Artist Date: Getting Outside

Julia Cameron’s instructions in The Artist’s Way for the week 4 artist date instructs you to plan for a weekend day for your artist date. Unfortunately, my weekend was already planned, so I decided to take a half a day on Thursday instead.

For a few weeks, I have been mulling buying a pair of light hiking shoes. Merrell’s has a store in Huntington, NY, about 45 minutes from my home. The salesman recommended their Moab light hiking shoes. I found them comfortable, but they did not have the color I wanted.

I had lunch at Starbucks, then drove up to Caumsett State Park north of Huntington in Lloyd’s Harbor. The State Park was a former estate. I drove in and parked, then walked over to the information building. The trails I wanted to hike where on the other side of the park.

Instead, I entered a wall garden near the parking lot. To my right, I saw emerging tulip leaves, which were the only green in the area. When I looked forward again, I saw the prize of the day: an abandoned building just behind the brick wall across from me.

Walled garden entrance to an abandoned greenhouse

Walled garden entrance to an abandoned greenhouse

Behind the brick wall was an abandoned greenhouse that had been allowed to fall into disrepair, weeds growing everywhere, and all the glass panels removed.

Glass no more

I especially liked the side door.

Stay out

After talking a few more photos, I went back to the car to drive around and see if I could find some sweet spots to take pictures of the water.

One great thing about taking pictures in the winter time is that the bare trees reveal landscape and houses in great detail.

House on Harbor

I love standing on windy shores and taking photos of choppy waves, lighthouses, moored boats, and wildlife.

I spent a maximum of 20 minutes outside taking photos on Thursday, but I left with such a wonderful feeling of happiness and peace that stayed with me for the rest of the day.


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