Spring Flower & Garden Show!

This morning, I drove my mother and I to Hicks Nurseries on Jericho Turnpike in Westbury, NY to see their spring flower and garden show. The show is ongoing through the 23rd of March. In addition to flowers, gardening classes for adults and children are being held daily.

Walking through the front door felt like magic. So many colors! Plants! Foliage! If you were in a bad mood when you walked in the door, stepping through brought a sudden lift of spirits. The cold, punishing winter in New York this year is made harder by the leafless, dormant trees and plants.

In a back room, the scent of hyacinths hit you as you walked through the sliding glass doors.

Line of Hyacinths

To the left were tables filled with primroses.

2014-03-18 10.46.05

Also to the left, daffodils and tulips stretch far into the room.

Daffodils + Tulips

These are a small sample of the many flowers there – colorful cacti, orchids from white to pink to orange brown and combinations of colors, and others whose names I do not know.

Passing the time in rooms thronging with floral pleasure was a much needed physical, mental, and spiritual boost. We walked out of there with a small mixed hybrid ranuncula plot and a 2′ camillia April Kiss plant. Hail to the coming spring and summer!


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