3 Advantages to Daily Writing

My experiments with Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way (TAW) morning pages have been useful in three ways:

Writing as Brain Dump

Writing about the mundane can be useful as a brain dump. This morning, I started by morning pages by writing about daylight savings time, how far I have gotten in TAW, possible artist date plans for the week, and writing work goals. Writing down the mundane and everyday things that take up space in your mind leaves your mind some space for creative, freer thoughts instead of rehashing what you need to do. I know I can go and write it down elsewhere, but the writing in prose in form seems to have a beneficial effect on my ability to write creatively.

Writing as Meaningful Exploration

Whether or not you start off enumerating your to do lists, writing can be a method for meaningful exploration of your ideas, dreams, and desires.

After I wrote about my work goals, I was reminded of a traumatic experience in kindergarten that continues to affect me. During this writing, I had a flash of an image of a relationship I am in the middle of repairing. I explored how the feelings I experienced were similar, explored possible interpretations, and then ended with several positive affirmations to help me rethink about this experience.

Writing as Establishing a Routine

Finding the time to write every day can be daunting. After I get up, I meditate, followed by breakfast, and then my writing my morning pages for 30 minutes/3 pages front and back. I have a thin, Moleskin-style notebook that provides the perfect amount of spacing for me to meet my minimum writing. Because I do this every morning, I am establishing a writing routine, which is something I have neglected for many years.

For someone who is moving forward through her 43rd year, establishing a routine is much harder since I have been alive and not following this routine for quite a long time. If I want to establish a new routine, I will be required to show due diligence. I estimate that it will be years before I find writing in the morning will have a natural feel to it. Although I write in this blog almost daily, I find it much harder to return to meaningful writing when I have skipped a day. I love blogging, so missing a day feels like I am missing out on an important activity.


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