Artist Date Week 2

As I have previously mentioned, I am following The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron because I am interested in addressing my creative blocks. One of our weekly tasks is to go on an artist’s date with ourselves. The date doesn’t have to be elaborate or require spending money. It means scheduling some time for yourself to do something fun.

Earlier this week, I bought a ticket to NYC Open Mic Joint, which happens every Friday night at Funkadelic Studios on W. 40th Street on the 5th floor. I took the train into Penn Station and went to Starbucks for a tea and a small snack. I ended up making small talk with a gentleman in line next to me. We sat at the same large table, and he struck up a conversation with me.

David and I share some life similarities, including at least one immigrant parent, we were both born last, we have much older siblings from whom we have felt distant, and being introverted people. After saying good-bye to David, I walked from W. 34th street to W.40th street.

I was unaware when I bought a ticket that Funkadelic Studios is a place where musicians can record studio time to practice. This open mic gives people the opportunity to practice routines in front of an audience. The tiny room packed a small stage, a drum set, a wall-mounted sound board, and seating for approximately 30 people. I heard music, comedians, and one woman who did spoken word, which is what I initially wanted for my date this week.

Most attendees were either teens or in their early 20s. One large group came together and cheered each other on. The host for the evening was a cool cat with black fedora, black suit and shirt, and long braids down his back with a sense of humor. He would join in at the end of a routine if the person was running over in their time slot in a way that worked well with the song/gig.

After 90 minutes sitting in an uncomfortable chair, I decided to leave and join my husband who was in the  West Village. Although I signed up for something not quite what I wanted, I had a good time. The energy of the crowd lifted my spirits and made me feel like I was out being a social person. It has been a long time since I felt that way.


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