Flirting with Productivity

Yesterday, I had a plan to make a short list of projects that I could work on every day during the work week along with a minimum amount of time to spend on them. Since I am looking to fill up at least 20 hours a week with productivity, I thought this would be a good way to start.

My project list looked something like this:

  • Work on my technical communication web site, learning HTML+CSS as I go – one hour;
  • Write for my Playswithwords blog – one hour;
  • Job hunting – one hour;
  • Novel editing – one hour.

Have I followed my plan today? Nnnn-no.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. I had a list of to-do’s that have been hovering over my head. The # 1 is calling my financial advisor who, since last summer, has been calling me asking for updates. I met him to discuss moving my 403b to a standalone one because I was no longer at my employer. I moved the money to Vanguard, but have left it sitting in a brokerage account.

Did I call him today? Nnnn-no.

Instead, I answered a call from a recruiter, put together the requested materials and submitted a job application to them, applied for a remote technical writing position at a software company, replied to unanswered emails from 4 friends, replied to emails from other program managers at a SIG where I volunteer and scheduled a future chat date for the group, ate lunch, and played with the cats. That took over six hours (no, this post did not take me an hour to write).

I moved my call to my financial advisor to tomorrow because I am doing my volunteering tonight. My to-do list is only six items deep tomorrow instead of the 10 items I had on my list today. I moved two. I cheated. I know.

So will I call him tomorrow? Mmmm—


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