I am a Kitty Sandwich

Each morning, I wake to an alarm to take my medication. I lay back in bed to meditate because it is more comfortable for my back. The fibromyalgia can make it painful for me to sit in one position for 30 minutes without a lot of back pain. The problem is that I am in danger of falling back asleep.

The warmth of my down comforter, still intense from a long night’s sleep, dreamily welcomes me back inside. Two of my kitties waste no time in sealing me back into position and add to the heat I feel, which spreads nicely through my mid-section. The grey cat is Hunter, and Gwenny is on the other side. On this day, Gwenny decides to give me more room and sleep on Mark’s side of the bed. Normie doesn’t usually join us at all. He’s there, but he’s turned his back to us. Normie is only there because I threw one of his favorite towels on the bed.

This kitty sandwich can be found any day of the week in my bedroom by 8:15am. You can try and order one yourself, but your order will have been placed too late.



  1. Could I just borrow them long enough to teach my cats that it’s not nice to stand on my chest screaming for food at 3:30 in the morning? They love napping with me later in the day, and I love having them with me. But this early morning reveille is a bit too much. 🙂

  2. Haha! Oh, your cats like to sign the song of their people at 3:30am, too? That is one of the insanities that wearing wax earplugs spares me. The other is throwing the cats out of the bedroom and closing the door. Not a perfect solution, but it helps. 😀

    I do love me some kitty cuddling. If Hunter is jealous of Gwenny, he will come nestle right under my left armpit and put his head on my arm as if to declare, “My momma! Mine!”

    Thank you for sharing! 😀

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