A Day of 3 Milestones

When I woke up this morning, the snow that had been falling for hours had already turned to rain. Drops pelted hard through the mesh screen and made a flat plunking noise as they hit the plastic sill and bounced back up against the glass. I looked through the plastic slats of my white blind and saw piles of slushy snow. However, three milestones came to pass on this ordinary winters day.

One Month of Daily Blogging

On January 5, 2014, I started blogging on a daily basis. Since then, I have managed not to miss a single day. Even if I did not write a lot, I managed to write something so that I can continue to hone my chops as a writer and blogger. I can’t think of any other hobby or interest that I missed not a day in a month straight. Hurray!

Most Blog Follows Received

Today is special because four people followed my blog today, a personal record! Seriously, I am thrilled that I have written anything that you, my wonderful readers, have found interesting. Thank you to everyone who is following my blog!

Received First Freelance Writing Payment

I received a check for full payment of work I did for a company last December. This is my first check in my new career as a freelance technical writer. I like getting regular checks, but I like working on my own even more. Now I just need to find some work that will result in bigger checks.


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