Second Birthday Bites

Birthday Lunch

After I got into Penn Station in NYC, I wandered over the 7th Ave & 34th Street subway station to buy a MetroCard with some added money on it. Because I less familiar with getting around NYC by subway instead of on foot, I bought a $6 folding map. I checked my list of coffee places to visit and realized that I needed to go to the 8th & 34th subway entrance instead.

I rode the E to W. 4th Street and connected to an M. I emerged from the Broadway-Lafayette Street station at Crosby Street, which is where the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe is. I crossed Lafayette at Crosby and walked a few stores down. The bookstore had a locked glass case on the left with a number of old book collections, one of which was a signed copy of works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for $500. I walked slowly to the back. Two arcing staircases to an upstairs book walk flanked each side of the store.

The back half of the cafe had small round tables in front of a cafe bar that was half the width of the store. Most of the tables were taken, and I noticed that, although people were working on laptops, no one had a cord connected to an outlet. I looked more closely at a plastic-encased standing note that stated no outlets were available to cafe patrons. On my way out, I stopped at the side staircase on the left to look at a rolling case with two boxes of cards and postcards for $0.50 to $1 each. A number of them were pictures making fun of George Bush and his presidential policies.

I left Housing Works, walked to Lafayette and Crosby, and reviewed the list of cafes to visit. Back on the M, I went uptown one stop to W. 4th Street. Two cafes were in the area, or so I thought. I walked down W. 4th to the Coffee Foundry. The cafe was thin and long. A bar lined the left wall and a few round tables and chairs were on the right. Most of the bar chairs were taken. The cafe was modern and dimly lit. I looked over the menu, but they only serve coffee and tea. The time was 1:10pm, so I left to find a place where I could eat lunch. I thought another cafe was back in the direction I had just walked, but I found myself between Washington Square Park and the NYU Law School.

I decided to have lunch at La Lanterna, an Italian cafe across from a side entrance to the NYU Law School. I walked up one flight of stairs and pushed open the main cafe door and then another. I chose a table near the front window and next to a roaring fireplace. I ordered a spelt salad and a hot apple cider. On my way to the downstairs bathroom, I noticed they had another set of tables near at the back with another roaring fire. Behind that was another section of tables under the type of glass you see in greenhouses, which allowed light to gently suffuse the entire area.

After leaving, I double-checked my directions, and realized Stumptown coffee on W. 8th Street was about 4 blocks away. The Stumptown coffee on W. 8th Street was brightly lit, decorated in medium brown wood (probably oak), and had one long table, a long padded seat against the side wall with small round tables and chairs on the other side. I grabbed a seat at the long back table nearest to the window with my back to the door. I ordered an Americano and a homemade pop tart. I sat down and continued my study of HTML+CSS. I also tried their peppermint tea.

Now, at 5pm, I am going to return to my book and continue with the CSS section. Mark will be meeting me here after work and then we will go out to dinner. Where?

Stay tuned!


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