First Birthday Bites

I’m not quite sure how long it has been since I saw, let alone celebrated, any part of my birthday with my mother. I think it was in my 20’s, but I really cannot be certain. Unfortunately, it is my first birthday without my Dad around.

Because I had plans to spend the day out today, I asked my mom if she would go to breakfast for me. Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day.

I drove us in her 2004 gold Ford Escort to the Hillside Diner, which is located about about 5 minutes from our house. I ordered challah bread french toast with bacon and one scrambled egg. Mom ordered the pancakes. Only a few other people were in the diner, so we received super-fast service. We went there, had breakfast, and came back within an hour.

After we came home, I showered, got ready, and took the 11:25am Hempstead train from Floral Park heading into Penn Station, NYC.

2014-01-30 09.06.15
Here is a picture of the younger old lady (and her flat hair) with the older old lady.

More later….


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