Shows I Rather Like: Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is one of the few long-running series that I watched nearly from the beginning. I imagine it must be difficult to write episodes year after year that garner millions of viewers. Unfortunately, CM has suffered from a few changes in scripting that I would love to see restored.

Lack of Continuing Personal Plot

Each year, the writers had a major story line that involved at least one of the characters in some kind of interesting thread. In Season 5, Agent Hotchner was involved in a plot line involving a serial killer out to get him and threatening the welfare of his family. This was not limited to one episode. Derek Morgan has his storyline about lost cousin. Reid had a briefer multi-episode thread involving a secret love interest threatened by a stalker. However, season 9 seems to be lacking multiple-episode engaging story lines that involve any of the main characters. They are mostly one-offs, which are still good but less satisfying.

Lack of Engaging Insight into the Crazy

My husband Mark and I were talking about this after watching this week’s episode, The Road Home. The writers used to build story lines that slowly revealed the depth and type of crazy driving the serial killer. Season 9 writing and, to some degree, Season 8 writing seems to be more straightforward about it, letting you know up front, and spending the rest of the episode hunting them down. Not as engaging.

Despite my desire for changes to the storyline, I will continue to watch Criminal Minds because, overall, it’s a show I rather like.


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