Today is Hit the Wall Day

Does Hit the Wall Day sounds like an inane holiday? Thinking of getting your boxing gloves out and give a good old one-two to the punching bag? Well, get up and celebrate with me because it’s even better than that!

Today is the day when I looked at the white space on my blog post after two solid weeks of daily posting and thought: What the hell am I going to write about? I tried writing an opinion on reading and morality. Scrap. Then I tried writing a small blog on what inspired me about Martin Luther King., Jr., a man who I admire. Scrap 2.

When I need to write, I need to think of something inspiring or interesting (to me). In doing so, I hope I am writing a post worthy of a read, of engagement. I know that this post is not necessarily it. But it is better than trying to write a post about Martin Luther King, Jr., that comes up shorter than the man deserves.

I guess all I can really say about MLK, Jr., is that I am so grateful that he existed. I am grateful that MLK fought for the civil rights of African Americans. He took us on another step towards the progress towards human equality and freedom that America and the entire world needs to take.

Enough with all forms of hatred.
Enough with excessive punishments for crimes based on skin color.
Enough with religious (or lack thereof) hatred and discrimination.
Enough with keeping the (black) man (and woman) down like they were unworthy of the lives they were given.
Enough with the discrimination and killing of LGBTQ human beings.
Enough with hate upon hate.

I am not saying we all need to like each other, think like each other, or even respect each other for our choices. But we simply cannot  discriminate, hate, and kill each other any more. No reason is justified. None. Until this stops, the work on the path that MLK, Jr., walked remains left to be done.


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