Shows I Rather Like: Ask Me Another on NPR

As I sat down to write my daily blog post, my husband started playing the latest edition of Ask Me Another from NPR Radio,which pretty much incapacitated my ability to think of anything else.

The number one reason you should listen to AMA is that the house musician is Jonathan Coulton, who is famous for his song Code Monkey among others. His genius is in creating alternate lyrics to songs in ways that listeners never imagined.

The second reason is my favorite reason:  contestants participate in contests that engage them in word play. Personally, I love plays on words (not necessarily puns). For the most part, the word plays on this show are intellectually stimulating. When I say that, I do not mean high-brow and snooty. I mean that your brain feels alive with newness.

The format of the show feels similar to Wait Wait..Don’t Tell Me!  Each segment brings on a special guest (this week’s was Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and The Signature of All Things) who also participates in the show.

Third, this show takes place in a bar. Instead of being in a sterile office studio, the audience gets an intimate performance and often talks with and to the host and contestants. The location enhances audience participation, which give this show an extra pleasure to hear.



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