What’s on the Menu for Date Nite?

You don’t have to married to go on date night. Maybe you and your partner have been living together for so long that you feel like roommates rather than romantic partners. After you live with someone for years on end, the romance does get worn down by the humdrum routine of daily living.

How could it not? Our lives settle into routines: work routines for us, school routines for our kids (if we have them), errand day on the weekend, etc. After a while, the only excitement happens when you go on vacation or find a new hobby together. For my husband and I, finding a new joint hobby happens rarely because we are the opposites that attracted.

If you designate the same night each week for date night, it could be that even that gets to be routine. The only way to shake it up, other than changing the night of the date, is to commit to not to default to the same activity every week. It can get expensive and tiring to always come up with new things to do. At least, try to not do the same thing two weeks in a row.

Our default date night is eat dinner (in or out) and then stay home together. Watch a movie. Play games. Screw around. Or whatever we feel like doing. Because I deal with chronic health issues, I often only have so much energy. I might only have energy for engaging in one activity. Or we start off with dinner and then I poop out.

How do you keep your date nights interesting?



  1. We ran into the same thing in our relationship. With that in mind, my girlfriend and I set out to solve the issue not just for ourselves, but for others as well. We create Date Night Is… to help couples keep date nights on the calendar. Maybe it will help you?

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