Writing with Cats

How do I know I am a writer? I have three cats who helpfully use their antics to keep me from writing. Yes! Blame the cats… Blaming the cats is the way to go.

Who sits down to write and flips through Facebook for three hours? My cat Gwendolyn, of course! From the far away location of my bedroom, Gwenny telepathically makes me type the letters FA into my browser address bar and then press TAB, my eyes glazing over as I go from cat video to cat picture to cat forum…

As if that is not enough, Gwenny has the nerve to jump on my desk and stand over my keyboard, tail swishing. She gnaws on the corner of my silver hearts-encrusted picture frame with my reminder to write. Gwenny turns around and starts to chomp on the computer cord, which is followed by chomping on the hard plastic corner of a Fiskar paper cutter. Yes, I know you’re hungry! I’m trying to write.

I have a book called ‘The Cat on My Shoulder: Writers and Their Cats’ edited by Lisa Angowski Rogak, which is a compilation of stories of and by writers who have cats. I am not sure why writers and cats seem to go together so much. All the cats I have lived with need constant attention or demands that make an uninterrupted day a impossibility. As I write this, Gwenny has returned to my desk and is chomping on the end of pens and pencils in the mesh holder.

Gwenny got bored and left, but she’ll back to gnaw and disrupt. Oh, look! A cute kitty!


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