Week 11 Discussion & More!

This post documents my participation in our weekly class discussion question for my BerkleeMusic Course, ‘Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice’.

Teacher Question:   Of all the other students’ postings this week, which was your favorite?  Why?

My Response
Hi, Caroline,

I’m not sure I have a favorite. These last two weeks are difficult to write and I think we’re all struggling to some degree. I feel like we all respect one another’s voices and that it’s not a matter of having a favorite; it’s a matter of understanding what technique or method does the writing we like the most use to a skilled degree that makes it work in the first place. It might also be a better question to ask us about where we’re having the most success, what is most difficult, and suggestions or recommendations that we might generically have for other writers in the class.

Also, I prefer to think of it as ‘writing in both directions’ instead of ‘working in both directions’. I feel like I’m going to need a lot more practice in this area.




I’m sad the class is almost over.

However, my purpose in posting to this blog that I abandoned four years ago and restarted when I took this course is to renew my commitment to writing. Classwork is structured and makes adhering to set goals incredibly easy for me. It’s when I have to set my own course that, in general, I run aground (sorry for the overused boating metaphor).

I’m in the midst of life changes: I quit my job in Information Technology, I’m going back to school full-time in July, and I’m delving into my new technical & creative writing life. I’m thrilled and a bit nervous. But sharing my writing helps me get excited.

Last night, when I was catching up on the class writing for the past couple of days, I spent a few hours thinking and writing.  As I thought and wrote, my concentration deepened; it was an excellent, timely lesson.


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