Week 9-Day 5-Storm

This is my writing for Week 9, Day 5, of my Berkleemusic.com online course, ‘Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice.’  This week’s writing illuminated for me the power of doing writing on a consistent basis, learning effective tools for creating sense-bound stories, and gaining confidence in what I’m doing. Without further ado, here it is:

Day 5

Find a linking quality for

Prompt: Storm

What quality does my idea have? _________________

Now, using your linking quality, find two target ideas and write your paragraphs exploring each metaphor.

  1. Storm–>Linking Quality: __Depresses___ –> Target Idea: –>__Alcohol_____.
  2. Storm–>Linking Quality: __Turbulent____ –> Target Idea: –>__Plane Rides____.

Storm -> Depresses -> Alcohol

Alcohol: slow, loosening, bad, judgment, social, alienation, drinking, alone, alcoholism, dizzy, nausea, vomiting, hang over, whiskey, rye, gin, vodka, wine, beer, shaky, swallows, gulps, mixer, cocktail

The storm hangs over the Gulf coast, shaking its clouds lethargically. A few euphoric souls weave along the lethargic shoreline. Birds fly heavily between palm trees. The weak stormy cocktail swirls to a halt. Condensation drips down. People ache and groan. Clouds pass out.

Storm -> Turbulent -> Airplane Ride

Airplane Ride: airplane, tarmac, wind, turbulence, bumpy, shaking, sudden, drops, sweating, heart racing, hands, palms, gripping, praying, pilot, scream, vomit, plastic baggie, anticipation, fear, anxiety, mind racing, visualizing

The storm bumped about its contents roughly in the sky.  Thunder and lightning slammed into each other, screaming. Children cried. Parents prayed. Turbulent winds rattled windows. Trees shivered in anticipation. Rodents hid and curled into balls. Fatal visions raced in my mind while the storm bounced around. A sudden boom jolts me away. My stomach drops away. Dizzily, I sway.


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