Week 9 Class Discussion

My instructor asked us:

  1. What has this week’s work on linking qualities opened for you?
  2. What was the best thing about it?
  3. The most difficult?

My answer:

I feel like Week 9 was finally the week I saw the cumulative effect of the writing work I’ve done in this course. The setup of the prompts for this week’s work is an incredibly effective tool. I am able to choose the linking qualities and comparison objects that I see as working, instead of in Week 9 where I didn’t get that choice. The writing in Week 8 was much, much harder for me, as a result. But Week 9 – Ahhhh, Week 9, how I love thee! The greatest thing is that I can see that it’s working for other people, too. Everyone’s writing has greatly improved from those first weeks when it seemed like we were taking baby steps and nothing could have been harder! Please tell Pat that I want more. These classes that you and he created are amazing. I’m sold. Need a salesperson? 😀 I can be that for this class! For me, there wasn’t anything in particular that stood out as being terribly difficult so I’m going to say – not much that was difficult.


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