Week 9-Day 3-Linking Qualities

Summer  -> Carefree -> Children

Children: kids, young, run, jump, play, potential, growth, education, love, chubby cheeks, sweet, fingers, learning, alphabet, reading, crayons, daycare, happy, play games, hopscotch, jump rope, dodge ball, horseback riding, pool, beach, volleyball, softball, baseball, naps, day camp, campers

Summer jumps on into the season, giggling and laughing, splashing us playfully. Passing sun showers hopscotch over our heads. Rainbows draw their colors on the blue paper sky. On June 21st, summer stretches her potential length to its maximum length. Warm days shine their light on us. We bounce over Martha’s Vineyard on the knees of excited Atlantic waves. The suns rays tickle our faces and dot our cheeks with love.

Summer  -> Oppressive  -> Dictators

Dictators: dictation, regime, military, under orders, oppressive, violent, killing, move in, strategy, show of force, anger, hatred, family

Violent August sun beats down on us as we swelter under angry ultraviolet rays. Our lungs heave under the force of its humid rule. The heat index moves into position and holds its ground for two weeks. The assault is relentless, beating us down. We get our marching orders: turn on the air conditioning. Summer’s stranglehold on our body temperature induces sweating in less than three seconds. We sit and wait for the next attack.

Summer  -> Active  -> Athlete

Athlete: run, jump, play, bike, train, triathalon, gym, reps, abs, rowing, kayaking, jogging, walking, slim, trim, toned, healthy, glowing skin, shine

Summer jumped onto its seasonal bike in May and rode straight into New England. She skipped rope around New Hampshire and sprinted into Vacationland without looking back. Summer’s enthusiasm swam laps around us, inspiring us to train harder. With skin aglow and shining hair, summer’s healthy demeanor imparted its look onto us via dark skin against pale tan lines. After a long day, summer stretched its muscles carefully and then walked home into dusk.


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