Week 9-Finding Essential and Linking Qualities

This week in my BerkleeMusic course, Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice, we’re doing work related to last week. Last week, we were given a noun and an essential linking quality; our assignment was to find another word that has the same essential linking quality and write about this. This week, we are still given the first word; but we are to decide on both the linking quality and the other word that has the same essential linking quality. In my writings below, I’ve also included the words I associated with the second word I chose.

Debt — > Expands — > Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon: Rises, heat, gets bigger, enlarges, balloons out, vista, view, awesome, awe-inspiring, floating above clouds, helium, wicker basket, adventurers, rainbow, streamers, nylon, cluster of people, blue skies, light breeze, experience, once-in-a-lifetime experience

Your fluent signature breezes upward above the dotted line on the last page of your thirty-page mortgage documents. You rise quickly and float out of the lawyer’s office. Your chest fills pleasantly with hot summer air as you begin your home-owning adventure. Awe-inspiring images of wicker basket hampers and rainbow nylon sashes fill your mind. Backyard flowers dot your vision in colorful swathes as you survey the vista from your second-story bedroom window. The high from your once-in-a-lifetime purchase will bring you slowly down over the next 45 days; your first bill will bring you back down to earth. For now, you will enjoy the scenic panorama of your future.

Debt — > Contracts — > Muscle

Muscle: Working out, contract, the gym, holding pattern, squeeze, squeezing, muscle men, muscling, competition, hard skin, ripples, abs, chest, repetition, reps, holding breath, stress ball

Bills come in hard with a repetitive force. Day after day, you are in a holding pattern of piling up the unopened bills you cannot pay, making phone calls to doctors’ offices to arrange payment plans, and avoiding the hard-skinned telephone calls of hostile collection agencies. Muscle men came to your door one day; their arms rippled menacingly. You held your breath, curled into a ball, and waited for them to leave. Your debts squeeze you like a stress ball, their fingers pressing into your trachea ever so slowly.

Debt — > Deceives — > Mirage

Mirage: eyes, sight, shimmering, heat, desert, sand, blue sky, haze, approach, disappear, thirst, hunger, shade, crave, aloneness, alienation, dehydration, starvation, crawling, hot, sweating, brow, heavy breathing, slow moving, barefeet

From across the room, you squint from into the glare of a shimmering pile of white envelopes stacked haphazardly on your desk. Sweat appears on your brow. Your dehydrated mouth cannot salivate. You fall to your knees and crawl; your palms and knees sting as they grate against a gritty floor. Blue skies fill your vision as you slowly make your way to the table. You grab the table’s edge and pull yourself up. You put one elbow down, then another. You push. Your gaze rises as you do. Vanilla soft serve with chocolate sprinkles in a sugar cone fills your vision. You reach for it. The alienating sound of plastic crinkles wakes you from your hazy reverie.


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